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As an enterprise ERP is ALL-IN-ONE Solution with scalable, robust system is simple enough for user for better understand feature and effectively solves problems.

WYS Enterprise Solutions increases productivity and automate business processes with software for end users and solves any critical problems effectively.

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Business application synchronizes both internal and external data flows utilized by enterprise within comprehensive solution. Basic commercial functionalities of business is maintained by incorporated processes by enterprises. The goal of business is to drive the data flow among internal functionalities of business while handling connections.

Enterprise WYS utilizes centralized database to maintain all information of different modules which are accessible by various users in same or different form. System’s one of the primary benefits is to use integrated database which manages multi-module application framework within standard information system.

Unlike other systems which are depended on multiple database it strains IT resources, to run complete business it standardizes the use of single application. It increases efficiencies and decreases total cost thereby reducing operational costs and improves company’s profitability.



Companies which are internationally competitive reach better performance and growth, and economies to achieve sustainable growth by increasing productivity. The key features for productivity growth are:


  • Software system provides easy, quick & cost-effective core products for business.


  • Regulatory requirements, financial data, company governance to ensure compliance.


  • Store critical data by automated business processes and obtain business knowledge by enable workflow to achieve opportunities.


  • Provide support for employees, customers and vendors to fulfill their requirements.


  • Production supports takes care of Resource Management/ Task Time reduction/ Improve productivity /Scheduler.


  • WYS Enterprise Solutions understands business from ground to every level, control track and respond to all actions.


  • Tackle the digital information captured through business lifecycle and recognize business issues and opportunities.


  • To support commitment tracking by easy and effective communication tool.


  • In order to respond to improving business requirement by providing quick and refined decision.


  • Financial accounting system provides companywide control & integration of financial information which helps in decision making.

Key Benefits

  • Compact control for agreement statement using business process management module and document management.
  • Sole data source for service info and products – such as data associated with customer orders, products, vendors and suppliers themselves – Operate speedy product development and initiate cycle which expands enterprise’s market share.
  • Control projects effectively promote decision making at critical level in manufacturing operations and development.
Company Management
  • Maintain source organization and acquisition manage alignment to customer requirement and to reduce unnecessary and unauthorized expenses by delivering centralized buying model.
  • Supports operation planning and sales with complete access to statistics encourage “closed loops” operations making sure that the organization does not overpromise.
  • System proved automated business process enhances accuracy estimation and decreases inefficiency, improves customer retention and service level.

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